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REMST8 is an experimental computer musician whose on-again/off-again affair with sound began in the early '90s, using tracker programs on his Amiga 500 and later a PC to create soundtracks for his friends' creations (computer games and an independent film). Following a 7 year hiatus to focus on his software engineering career, remst8 has returned to tracking music for creative exploration focusing on deep drone and dark ambient tracks with a smattering of noise and experimentation. Working under the name DREKKA since 1996, experimental composer Mkl Anderson has toured, traveled, and collaborated extensively; collecting memories and building a very personal archive of sound that dates back to the mid-1980's. Drekka has released a large body of work on labels such as Dais Records, Auris Apothecary, Morc, Silber, and Anderson's own label, Bluesanct. Drekka owes something to the soundscapes and non-linear impressionism of Cindytalk or COIL, to the industrial gravity of Einstürzende Neubauten or Hafler Trio, andto the cinematic collaborations of Edward Artemiev/Andrei Tarkovsky or Simon Fisher Turner/Derek Jarman. But his work is very apparently unique and personal. While performing together at the Electro-music Festival 2017, Anderson was mesmerized by remst8's mastery of deep, glacial ambience and well juxtaposed natural field recordings. The two exchanged raw source materials from their respective archives, each reworking the others material into new works. remst8 reworked 'Tarwestraat 52', the centerpiece to Drekka's on-going trilogy of albums for Dais Records, solely using the provided source tracks. Drekka reworked 'Lissajous', from remst8's 'Accumulator' album, adding a field recording recorded outside Drekka's studio one late night, inspired by remst8's performance at the Electro-music Festival. LIMITED EDITION of 230 COPIES (200 on BLACK VINYL / 30 on GREY VINYL), w/ full-color printed jacket, black paper inner sleeve, and download code, housed in re-sealable plastic sleeve.

Více na https://drekka.bandcamp.com/album/drekka-remst8

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